Draft Logo Project


This logo is for my imaginary business of teaching piano improvisation. The black keys rising from the piano symbolize an escape from conventional piano playing. The flashy lettering is meant to differentiate my piano school from other, more conservative schools.

During my brainstorming, I read step-by-step guides for designing logos, and I looked at lots of existing logos for piano-based businesses. I wanted a solid understanding of how a logo could catch a pianist’s attention and communicate a business’s unique purpose. I have links right here for the websites I mainly checked out…

Looking at piano business logos, I noticed that every single one of them incorporated a piano image in some way. Because of that, I figured mine should too. That’s why my beginning step was to draw a keyboard at the bottom of my rough draft, just like in the logo from the third link above.

For my next step, designing the text, I actually avoided using any direct inspiration. I wanted the text to appear unconventional compared to the other logos’ serious fonts. This is how I got the idea to make my letters emerge from the piano. This way, the text looks uniquely eccentric, and the whole logo looks seamlessly connected.

Though the text looks a bit wild now, I originally wanted it even wilder. My plan was for the letters to vary dramatically in size. However, I changed my mind after reading about balance in design. Making the letters roughly the same size helped me ensure each end of the picture was balanced.

When drawing my design in Illustrator, the Rectangle Tool was my best friend. My first use of it was for making the keyboard. I then resized some of the black rectangles to make the rough shapes of the rising letters. I put in some more black rectangles to complete the A and E’s.

I used an open circle with a thick stroke to make the O. For completing the R and P, I used similar black circles, though I made them half-circles using the Shape Builder Tool to delete their left sides.

I made the F and R more interesting by stretching portions of them. To do that, I added additional anchor points near the tops of those letters. I then stretched the new points leftward.

The only noteworthy challenge I had was that my logo didn’t scale well at first. When scaled down, it became filled in with lots of black. I figured out this was due to stroke sizes, so I fixed the issue by selecting all the objects and clicking “Expand appearance.”

To use “Expand appearance” as much as possible is my advice to other people starting with Illustrator. Not only does it fix scaling, but it also makes it much easier to work with rotated objects. Personally, since I didn’t expand my rotated objects in the beginning, lining them up with each other was difficult. But before you use “Expand appearance” on something, just make sure its shape is exactly how you want it.

I would like to end this post saying my business’s name is not final. Back when I used the name “Freepiano” in my logo sketch, I was pretty opposed to it since it sounded like “pianos free of charge.” However, I now think I’ll keep the word “Freepiano.” After all, nothing grabs a potential customer’s attention more than mentioning free. I think all I will do to finish the name is add “Academy” to the end. If my peer reviewers are reading this, then please let me know what you think about that idea.


4 thoughts on “Draft Logo Project

  1. I enjoyed your overall logo. What I liked about your logo was how unique it is. I was reading the description of your logo and I really think your logo goes with your idea. I think that in order to improve your logo there are a few things you could do. First I would see if you could make your letters look more curved. Along with this I think you could make a background color so that the keys on your keyboard and your letters really pop. One thing I Think you did great was incorporating your idea into your logo and how it captures the eye when you look at it. When I first saw your logo I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about it. I think you have a great draft and with a few corrections it can be perfect. I cant wait to see your finished logo and I know it will look great.


  2. I really like your idea and design behind your overall topic I think it’s a very brilliant and thoughtful idea. Looking at your design it was very easy to grasp what your ideas where right away, this I feel is one thing you did super strong with; presenting your idea clearly through your design. Looking at all your steps it seems you did a great job in creating each piece carefully making sure they looked good with each other. My only critique I would make would be to have the letters align well with the keys on the piano so they are centered and continue to look super spot on and symmetric. I am curious to see where you are going to take your draft with moving to your final. You have a very solid first draft of your design which is excellent already having a huge bulk of the work done and not having to make any huge changes. So keep up the great work with your design and I cant wait to see where it leads in the end.


  3. The suggestions I have gotten from my peers so far are to make my letters’ edges more curved, line my letters up with the keys, and give my design more color. I don’t think I will curve my letters, since the jagged edges have a jazz club vibe to them that I want to keep. I probably won’t line the letters up with the keys either, but I will see if other people suggest the same thing before I make a final decision. I definitely will add more color though, since I agree with one of my peers that this will make my letters “pop” more.
    My instructor says that my logo does not communicate my topic very well, so making sure it does will be my most important revision. Fortunately, I think adding color might be able to solve this issue. If I give my design a red, white and blue color scheme, then I can better portray freedom in playing piano.


  4. After being in your group for the graphic design project, I am excited to be able to see what you came up with for your logo. I think this is a fantastic logo and you did a wonderful job incorporating your business idea in this project. In response to adding academy to the end, I think it might be a good idea since I am with you about this seeming like a free piano is up for grabs. My only concern with that is if the logo will be too long. A suggestion might be centering the word academy in a structured font under the keys. It will create balance and the logo wont be too long. As well as the word and font of academy will add professionalism to the logo. A critique I have is fixing the “I” because it is a little bit crooked on the bottom part. Overall, this logo is great and original and I am excited to see what your final looks like!


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