Final Video Story

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, I read the assignment description for the Video Story. It asserted I could make my video in the format of an instructional video, and it cited the YouTube channels Food Tube and Health Guru as examples for that. I decided I would use this format for my rough draft. Unfortunately, when finished, I was told my project needed to be more of a story and not an instructional video. Hence, I thought it was best to scrap what I had and start fresh.

I set out to make an autobiographical documentary for my final draft. The audio would recount the story of me learning to improvise on piano, and the video would complement that story with images. My inspiration for this came from a variety of YouTube shows that focus on audio while using images to aid the audience’s imagination. The most prominent of these was the show Brief History. I have a link to the YouTube channel it is hosted on below.

My favorite idea in the creative process was for most my video to be monochromatic. This, I felt, was an appropriate color scheme. It symbolized that my story revolves around playing piano. After all, pianos have black and white keys.

Another touch I was fond of was including my Final Graphic Design Project as one of the complementary images. Not only does it relate to a part of the story, but it also recalls the progress I have made in this class.

I decided color should finally be included in the ending, or the part of my story when I at last feel free. The video’s transition from being monochromatic to polychromatic visually demonstrates how I discovered a brighter, friendlier world after leaving my jazz band.

After making these creative decisions, I began shaping my vision in Premiere. Thankfully, the technical process for putting my video together was not difficult. I had substantial practice in the program after having made my rough draft.

I made heavy use of keyframes to make the complementary images move across the screen. I altered each image’s initial position so it would start at the screen’s edge, then I altered its position at an ending keyframe so it would end near the screen’s center.

I applied a Color Balance (HLS) effect to almost every image and video, then adjusted the saturation to -100.0 each time. This way, most of the video is in black and white. The only image I didn’t apply this effect to was the last one.

I recorded both video and audio with my phone. For the video of me playing piano, I chose to use a detail shot of my hands. I chose the angle that I did for two reasons: one, because it abides by the Rule of Thirds; two, because it’s just plain cool.

I had one real challenge when using Premiere this time. While in the middle of my session, my free Premiere trial ended. When I got everything paid for and reopened the program, I found that most of the files I was using were suddenly “offline” and unresponsive. I could only fix this by making a copy of each disrupted file and using that copy in my video story instead.

Due to this event, I decided that if I could give only one piece of advice to beginners with Premiere, it would be to make sure you know when your free trial is ending. You do not want to be caught working on something when you run out of time with the software. If you do, then you must go through the pain of replacing the files in your sequence with brand new copies.

After all was said and done, I had created a video story I was proud of. Maybe not everyone would like it, but that’s fine with me. Like the story in my video suggests, there’s no need in letting someone else’s judgment hold me back.

The End


Jazz band image: “The line-up of Woody Allen with the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band in the Philharmonie of the Gasteig in Munich, Germany” by Schlaier, 2011. Shared on Wikimedia Commons with the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Mail image: “P Mail” by unknown. Shared on Wikimedia Commons with the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Nature image: Unnamed photo by Jake Givens. Shared on Pexel with the CCO License.

All other materials are either made by me or in the public domain.


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