As you can probably guess from my blog’s title, my name is Bailey Rosenberger. I am a WSU Sophomore who is pursuing a minor in Japanese and major in Advertising. I’m after the Japanese degree because I find the language fun to learn, and I’m after the Advertising degree because – well – I need a job.

I guess I can be considered a pretty interesting person, judging by my hobbies. I enjoy many creative activities, such as writing stories and improvising on the piano. I also like parkour. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a sport wherein I traverse obstacles by jumping, climbing, wall-running, etc. I often mention I partake in it since that makes me somewhat fascinating to people.

However, judging by my life so far, I’m the world’s dullest privileged American. I come from Sammamish on the West side of the state, and I grew up in a well-off family with no hardships or discrimination against it. I graduated from Mount Si High School with decent grades while surrounded by a culture of nice people. A lot of other writers start blogs because they want to document facing adversity or healing from misfortune. That is definitely not the case for me.

Rather, I am starting this blog to post my Strategic Communication 380 assignments. Of course, you probably already knew that. What you might not know, though, is that I will pour the greatest extent of my effort into ensuring my posts have exceptional quality and interesting appeal. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, after all.

As I mentioned before, Japanese and Advertising are the degrees I’m eyeing. With them, I plan to have a career somewhere in the ad industry. I am still not sure which exact job type I want, but I hope to find something that utilizes my knowledge of Japanese. I like to think it will be a job in which I help an ad agency in the U.S. communicate with one in Japan. To me, that seems more fun than simply pitching products I care little for.img_0367-1